Individual, Couples and Family Psychotherapy

Effective change. Self-empowering. Culturally sensitive.

Group Bonding

Cognitive-behavior therapy  (CBT)

is a psycho-social intervention that aims to improve mental health... problems.



Group Discussion


Therapy (IPT)

is a time-limited  treatment that encourages the patient to regain control of mood and functioning.


Family Systems


is a branch of psychotherapy which works with families and couples in intimate relationships…




focuses on the psychological roots of emotional suffering. Its hallmarks are self-reflection and…


Dr. Jennifer V. Lewis

NYS Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Welcome and congratulations on taking the first step on your journey of self-discovery and personal change!


Since you've arrived here, and daunting as it may sometimes seem, I assume that you are ready to change old habits and beliefs about yourself. You will quickly realize that it's never too late to begin anew, as you explore various therapeutic ways to enhance your life. My assistance and guidance in psychotherapy principles, will enable you to learn new techniques and tools, to achieve personal and professional growth for improved well being, and a reduction in life stress. 


Over the past several years I have supported the emotional and physical well-being of individuals, couples, families and children, coping with a myriad of complex health, behavioral, and psychological difficulties, with remarkable success.

My vision of your personal journey, involves a collaboration between you and myself, to seek a path which you feel is suitable for you, 

incorporates self-empowerment, self-esteem building and solution-focused self-growth.